CHICA Oakland Café opened it’s doors on December 2016 from a dream to serve home style food and coffee in a beautiful and comfortable environment. We love good coffee and great food and what it produces: bringing people together. We look to connect & create with our dishes. We want to create and be part of a world where we’re happy to live in.

We prepare our own vegetables, meats, sauces, and salsas by hand using fresh, local, and as much organic product as we can. Some of our offerings have special ingredients that can't always be available to us, the demand for a particular item may be higher for the day and while we try our best to keep everything in stock, we may run out of things. From time to time, we may have to make changes in our menu, hours, or prices in order to remedy these issues. 

By choosing CHICA you are supporting a locally Family-Owned, Woman & POC-led business. All of our food is prepared in house, by locals using ingredients sourced from local vendors. When you serve CHICA's food, you are serving the community.